Ö66 "Kirkes Garten" 1961 90x150cm Öl auf Leinwand Ö66 "Kirkes garden" 1961 90x150cm oil on canvas


1908 – 1978

deutscher Maler und Grafiker

german painter and graphic artist

Poets, Journey to the Moon, Walk in the year 2000, Les gauchers de Blauvac, Odyssey

Inspired by trips and literature, Berke creates these couple of series incorporating a mixture of grotesque and science-fiction. They are odd, exaggerated and curious, displaying the variation of a theme in a number of colorful pictures filled with lines.

The song “Circe” (Friedrich Hollaender / Daliah Lavi) inspired Berke to create the odyssey series. The drawings show a satirical interpretation of the story, revealing images with the omnipresence of Circe’s pig.

poets and walk in the year 2000

Les Gauchers de Blauvac

Journey to the Moon


© Erbengemeinschaft Hubert Berke