HUBERT BERKE 1908 -1979


The three dimensional works take up a relatively small space in Hubert Berkes body of work compared to oil paintings and drawings. He assembled different materials he found, unused tools and scrap metals creating imaginative objects and structures, often of an enchanting and poetic nature.

Starting in the mid 1950ies, Berke creates a series of “nail plantations‘ ‚, diversely nailed pieces of wood that create a fascinating game of light and shadow, fitting in with the rest of his informal works.

Later he creates a series of figurines – goddesses, ghosts, bizarre figures and animal-like creatures – that testify to his extended creation. His imagination transfers effortlessly to the observer, in a humorous and playful way.

Since the 1960ies, Berke creates bigger installations, incorporating kinetic elements and  sound simulations, whose amusing and satirical nature brings a smile to the observer.

© Erbengemeinschaft Hubert Berke